The light awoke me, as it often does early mornings in the summer. I took a glimpse out the window just to turn around again and bury my head in the pillows, to continue sleeping. But too late: I had already noticed the pink glow of the clouds. Could this be the moment of Sunrise? All my senses were getting curious.

There is a flight of stairs leading straight up to the roof terrace from the sleeping room. From up there, you can look all the way towards the sea, which appears as a small blue stripe in the far distance, beyond the olive-green sea of leaves created by the trees around the house.

This morning, the sun was indeed only about to rise at the horizon. It announced itself with bright pink and orange colours lighting the clouds that seemed to be placed in the sky exactly for such purpose. I looked around, down into the courtyard, and at the street – it was like waking up, like lifting the gaze after having looked at the ground or the mirror for a long time. I took note of my surroundings, and saw the cats sleeping or strolling around, not aware of being watched. I saw someone down there, taking a sleepless stroll – not aware of me observing him. It was like watching the world from a distance above, and understanding that every being is caught in its own world, or even universe, walking its path with its own thoughts and issues, dreams and realities. Just as myself, when I am usually struggling around with my gaze fixed on the ground or upon myself, totally absorbed.

A small red dot appeared on the horizon. It rose fast, then hid for a few minutes behind the clouds. When it returned, it shone brightly, lightening the world. I enjoyed the moment, gratefully. Then I turned around, returned downstairs and buried my head in the pillows. But there was no way I could go back to sleep.