I went through a bit of an experience lately and even though I am aware that the learning is constant and I have not “arrived” anywhere, never will, I am quite thrilled at the level of relaxedness that my latest learning experience provides me with. On a deeper level, without having to think. Here’s a pretty simple example: I made a mistake while driving the other day and upset a fellow road user in his car. He honked at me and I drove off, not giving it too much thought. I stopped at a shop shortly after and heard someone yelling at me from a car. Sure enough it was that other car driver. He was slightly upset and asked me what I had been doing there earlier. I explained a bit and he told me that I was wrong. And then the amazing thing happened. Instead of arguing (what I am used to), the words came out of my mouth: “I am sorry and thank you for having taken care”. I think I was about as perplex by my words as was the driver. Our conversation ended there. I will make sure I learned my driving lesson (still getting used to left-hand driving;)). And I hope I can keep this up, the automatic reaction with love instead of fighting.