I was waiting to board a domestic flight and surprised: both not to be handed a boarding pass, and to hear that „the ladies“ for the particular flight were called for boarding. When I walked towards the airplane, a female crew member greeted me by the plane and I feel uncomfortable admitting I thought she was the flight attendant.

Stepping into the small airplane, there were only two other women seated. The crew member entered as well and closed the door behind her. It turned out she was the pilot and I was about to have my first all female flight ever. I found that quite remarkable by itself. We were chatting a bit, joking about flying to any place we wanted to. The pilot climbed her seat and closed the conversation with the words “ah well, the possibilities are unlimited!”

That was my code word. “So can I sit in the co-pilot’s seat please”, I heard my mouth say. And before I knew it, I was sitting up front!

Needless to say I had a spectacular flight, listening to the radio and chatting away in the few breaks the pilot had on this short flight. I learned about cloud formations and the adventurous spirit of the pilot. Such an inspiration that was!

Lesson learned: Ask the question (don’t hold back)!